About Lori Underwood

Lori Underwood is a practicing colon hydrotherapist with over 20 years experience… Many of her clients believe her to be Ogden’s premiere provider of Colon Hydrotherapy services.

As a child Lori was very sickly and suffered with severe migraine headaches which began when she was just 2 years old.

Unfortunately this pattern of ill health continued well into her adult years, and included a very serious episode of toxic shock. For 25 years Lori endured numerous unnecessary medical treatments, none of which provided any long-term relief.

But she was never willing to accept her poor health circumstances…

So she began a quest to discover the hidden secrets to true and lasting health. Ultimately after years of investigation, Lori came to understand that migraine headaches were simply the result of having too many toxins in her body.

Much of this non-traditional health wisdom came from a few family members who embraced alternative practices… And later from her training to become a certified colon hydro therapist.

Today, Lori is a dedicated and accomplished alternative health practitioner who has great compassion for her clients.

She knows from personal experience what it is like to suffer through years of acute ongoing health problems. And because of this, Lori is uniquely qualified to help you overcome many of the health problems you may experiencing now.

If you learn nothing else by visiting this website… Please understand that Lori’s personal story of toxic ill health and full recovery is not an isolated one.

Everyday, millions of people suffer with unexplained digestive disorders, pain and illness. But there is a solution…

And strange as it may seem, the solution could be as simple as detoxifying your internal body systems. And this begins by cleansing your digestive tract including your colon.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment at Ogden Colon Hydrotherapy – Inside Tract, call Lori Underwood at (801) 479-5616 anytime.

If we are unable to answer your call directly, please leave a message and the best time to return your call… Or if you prefer, use our Contact Us form.


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