What’s Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy is a procedure for the removal of waste matter from within the large intestine of the human digestive tract. A professional colon therapist using modern colon hydrotherapy equipment can, through a series of water fills and evacuations, remove large amounts of fecal waste that may have been present in the client’s colon for months or even years.

By the use of gravity and or pressure, filtered water is introduced into the colon, or more commonly the large intestine, whereupon waste is softened, broken up and dispelled through a natural process called peristalsis. Colon hydrotherapy is the correct description for this procedure where the term “hydro” for water and therapy can both cleanse and stimulate the colon to health. Lessor procedures used for colon cleansing may use the term colonic irrigation, high colonic, colon lavage or enema.

What is your Colon and why is it important?

Your colon is a hollow tube-like muscle about 5 to 5.5 feet in length and 2.5 inches in diameter. When you eat a meal it goes into your stomach and eventually the digested food moves into your small intestines, and then on to your large intestines or what is called your colon. The colon’s main functions are to synthesize valuable nutrients like vitamins B & K, to absorb water and store fecal waste for elimination. A healthy colon can host millions of beneficial flora, microorganisms and bacteria to help protect the body from infection and disease.

Although the colon is an extremely vital organ and complex in its function, many simply refer to it as the waste disposal system for the human body. As such it is not hard to understand that if this disposal system becomes blocked, a condition called constipation, or irritated resulting in severe or chronic diarrhea, then these types of colon problems can effect ones overall health over the long term.

So why is maintaining colon health so important?

We live in a very dangerous world and are exposed daily to many toxic substances in the air we breath, food we eat and water we drink. Some estimate that the average person consumes up to 10 pounds of chemical toxins a year. To counteract these environmental threats, your body has built in defense systems including four main elimination organs: the skin, lungs, kidneys and your colon. All of these vital organs work together to dispel and discharge waste and toxins from your body. But if any one of them is weakened and not able to fully do its job, the other organs have to work harder to compensate.

When your colon is overwhelmed by poor eating and drinking habits, prescription or non-prescription drug use, sickness and disease, you can suddenly experience irregular bowel movements caused by toxic overload and fecal waste products build up. Over time this accumulation of poisons building up in your colon may be absorbed into the blood stream to be carried to other body tissues and organs. This condition called autointoxication, left untreated, is not just dangerous to your health but can lead to many seemingly unrelated chronic disease conditions and even premature death.

Maintaining the health of your colon is vitally important for total body health. Even your ability to fend off common colds and viral infections can be enhanced by maintaining a healthy colon. Some researchers believe as much as 60-70% of immune tissue resides in the colon (large) intestines.

How does Colon Hydrotherapy help maintain a healthy Colon?

As we’ve already seen Colon Hydrotherapy and colonic irrigation is a safe, effective, alternative therapy for cleansing the colon. Some medical practitioners dismiss this type of therapy as unnecessary or risky. Unfortunately, much of this criticism is based on ignorance and factual error. The reality is, for the thousands of people each year who resort to trying Colon Hydrotherapy, many have discovered a new lease on life and experienced a total restoration of their health.

If you have not been feeling right lately, been plagued by recurring sickness, lack of energy, or you’ve had serious problems with either constipation or recurring diarrhea, then your problem could be in your colon. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. Cleansing your colon might be just the solution you’ve been searching for.

Your colon is a vital organ for keeping your body free of toxic waste. When you start to have digestive problems and your colon doesn’t work normally you need to take immediate action. Your colon can handle a lot of abuse, but eventually over time your body can become weak and your immune system compromised. If you haven’t been feeling as healthy as you once were, you don’t have as much energy, or you’ve gained some extra pounds and can’t lose them, consider the benefits of having colon hydrotherapy.

The healthy alternative is to cleanse your colon. If your problem is a toxic colon or you’re having problems eating certain types of foods that normally wouldn’t be a problem for you, or you’ve been spending longer in the bathroom than normal, it’s time to take action. And no that doesn’t mean taking a prescription drug or laxatives. That won’t fix the underlying problem.

As you’ve already discovered, Colon Hydrotherapy is an effective and safe alternative therapy that can help remove toxic waste from your colon without the use of drugs or laxatives. Colon Hydrotherapy can help you with a wide variety of digestive conditions and disorders. Give it a try and see what a difference it can make in your life.

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