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Lori Underwood is a highly competent colon hydro-therapist. I had my first treatment with her over 18 years ago and continue to benefit from her leading edge equipment and knowledge of colon health. She has taught me that colon health is vital for one’s overall health and well being as it impacts our physical, mental and emotional well being. I have used her services regularly over the years to help maintain my colon’s function and would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone. Her easygoing personality puts you at ease immediately and she and has the ability to make a potentially uncomfortable situation and experience seem almost normal. I truly admire that about her. Spending time with Lori makes you feel good all over.

I have also been treated a couple of times with her Asyra machine, which I highly recommend to anyone interested in having an in-depth breakdown of the myriad of imbalances in the body that her machine is capable of detecting and then bringing back into balance with the aid of a homeopathic preparation she is able to prepare onsite while you are there. It is amazing what the little machine can pick up that only you might be aware of, but also things that you might not be aware of that are the underlying cause of major health issues one might be having. I am so grateful for her knowledge and awareness and her desire to help others find true health and balance in their life. Thanks Lori!

Angie Godfrey, Ogden, Utah

I started seeing Lori Underwood nearly 5 years ago. Lori, in my opinion, represents the future of natural medicine. I first came to see Lori at a very difficult time in my life. I was going through a lot mentally, emotionally, and physically and as a result of the unhealthy coping methods I was using at the time my body was in crisis. I came to Lori initially for the cleanse and balance effects of colon therapy that I desperately needed from years of suffering with an eating disorder. I loved the therapeutic effects it offered by calming my nervous system, stimulating my immune system and restoring a proper PH balance in my body. These were all benefits I had been seeking and had taken the time to research prior to my first appointment with Lori.

At my first appointment Lori surprised me with knowledge greater than what I had researched on my own at home and her knowledge-base made me feel comfortable and at ease with my decision to move forward with this therapy. Lori offered such a comfortable environment that I was able to open up to her about other health issues I was facing at that time and introduced me to Asyra Testing which actually revealed more about my own health and overall well being than I was ever aware of.

Asyra Testing helped to screen me for energetic imbalances and the presence of toxins in my body. Upon having this testing done it brought to life a harsh reality for me as to just how deadly substance abuse effects on the body really are and just how badly my body was suffering as a result of it. Now nearly 5 years later at a healthy weight and substance-free lifestyle I reflect on the tools and keys that aided me in getting to this place in life I never dreamed possible. I now enjoy a family of my own, living in serenity and a balanced way of life. I owe a lot to Lori Underwood for her ability to continue educating me on the cutting edge advancements in these therapies that help keep me in a healthy, balanced, pro-recovery lifestyle.

I would recommend Lori to anyone, whether they are looking to gain more balance and a healthy well being or to simply maintain the health they are currently in. I am sure it will be a very rich and rewarding experience from the first visit to the end. If you are anything like me I highly doubt there will be an end visit.

Bree Gibbons, Ogden, UT

Let’s face it, we live in a toxic world. We breathe, eat, drink and apply to our skin toxins everyday. When toxins remain in our fluids, then get in the tissues, invade organs and impregnate into the cells, eventually you’ll manifest a disease. Disease is rooted in a toxic body.

When the eliminating organs; liver kidney, colon, lung, and the skin fail to eliminate toxins you’re going to get sick. Disorders and diseases of the colon are epidemic. There is ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s, colitis, constipation, diarrhea, colon cancer, diverticulosis, and colon blockages, just to name a few, which people are suffering with in epidemic proportions. If you don’t eliminate at least 1-3 times a day, or suffer from one of these conditions, or just have digestive distress then you need a good house cleaning or should I say a good colon cleanse.

One of the most efficient and fastest ways to start cleaning the old, impacted, and possibly infected feces out of the colon is to get a colonic. Lori Underwood is a very experienced and excellent colon therapist to administer a colonic and assist you on your way to better health. Lori has lots of years of experience and she really knows all about the colon and colon health.

The colonics that she has administered [to me] has greatly improved my digestive health and ultimately helped to lessen my body’s toxic load.

Jennie Porter R.D.H., B.S., N.D.

In 2005 I was diagnosed with Epstien Bar Virus. I was having severe bouts that lasted 4-6 weeks of fatigue and sickness. Basically during those episodes I was going to work and coming home and going straight to bed and couldn’t remember one day from the next what had happened. For years I only had about a month in between episodes. After trying many treatments that didn’t work and being told there was nothing else anyone could do, I was told about Inside Tract.

After the first couple of treatments I started feeling better and with regular treatments I’ve only had one short bout of sickness and it’s been three years since my treatments began. It’s been a life changer. The quality time that I have with my wife and kids, because of this, has been amazing and I owe it all to Inside Tract.

Jerry Tilley

I am writing this for the Inside Tract and Lori Underwood. I first started seeing Lori and had her run an Asyra test on me. The results were amazing, it picked up things I knew about and things I did not know about. I had mysterious things going on and it picked it up and gave me a name of it so that I could start working on the real problem instead of just guess work. This machine has been FDA approved and many medical doctors are seeing surprising results this new functional medicine is amazing.

I then started seeing Lori for Colon Hydrotherapy work. I was shocked at what remains in our body rotting. The process was easy and I went there so afraid. She gave me great nutritional advise and brought up things I had never heard of or thought about that made a huge difference in my health. With the stress levels of today and our poor eating habits we need to clean out our body’s sewer. It can not even function like it should with the abuse we have done to it. I was struggling with some things and watched those things turn around as my body became cleaner and more functional. These things are things I would recommend to everyone.

With the world how it is we need to do anything we can to assist our bodies. Even the food we think is good is no longer serving the purpose and the toxins are taking over. If you want more energy and to fix those things that are bothering you give her a call. She will make you feel like a friend that you have known your whole life.

Kandus R.

Lori (Inside Tract) was referred to me by my masseuse when I mentioned my problem with chronic constipation. Since I started going a few months ago my health has benefited from the cleaning out of toxins and all the accumulated build up that I was not able to eliminate on my own.

Also, I like that these easy and simple treatments are accomplished without putting medical drugs with their toxins/side effects into my body. I am hopeful that this will help me to be able to avoid the Colonoscopy that I seem to be headed for.

Lori is very professional and knowledgeable and I find the environment at Inside Tract very comfortable and clean. I would definitely recommend it to others. Best wishes in your search for effective health solutions.

K.T., Ogden, Utah

I have been going to the Inside Track for over 9 years. Over the years I have spent thousands of dollars, trying to figure out why I was always so tired and never having any energy. In my family we have experienced problems with constipation, Chronic Fatigue and Ebstein Barr.

After being told about Lori and her experience with Colonic’s I decided to go for it. I must say at first I was a little leary, but it is such a simple procedure. It is wonderful to have quality of life, not to mention being able to enjoy my family.

Nancy Porter

I started coming to Lori at the Inside Tract many years ago. I have had some times that I have not seen her much and then get back to going to get feeling better. I came original because of candida this caused me to have many sensitivities. I have done many things to change this over the years and think that colon hydrotherapy is a must for this situation. I in turn have fought many other battles like parasites, toxic overload which makes life impossible.

In doing colon hydrotherapy many of these problems leave or at least make life more bearable in this toxic world we are living in. I now enjoy good health. As new things come up I will go to Lori to regain a healthy lifestyle again. It has always been a positive experience. I have also done the (Ionic) footbath and the Asyra reading. I have found them both to be very beneficial in my healing. Anything that can reduce toxins within the body is beneficial.

This also helps reduce stress. The Asyra pinpointed many thing I was struggling with to help bring me back into balance. I would recommend these treatments to anyone that wants good health.

Shirley D.

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